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Best Heritage Restoration and Repurpose


Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau, Barcelona - a hospital designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner and built between 1901 and 1930. It was a fully functioning hospital until June 2009, and now has now been restored for use as a museum, library, and cultural centre.

Best Railway Station

Joint Winners - Rotterdam Centraal Station by Bentham Crouwel, MVSA and West 8, 2014, and Oriente Station, Lisbon, by Santiago Calatrava, 1998.


Best Combined Apartment Building & Covered Marketplace 

Rotterdam Market Hall by MVRDV architects

The Rotterdam Market Hall by MVRDV2014. This remarkable building combines apartments, a covered food market, a supermarket, Rotterdam's largest car park and what is probably the world's largest mural. Check out the inside...


Best Small Project

Barcelona15-378_copy-euroawardsBarcelona15-378_copy-euroawards The Barcelona Pavilion  by Mies van der Rohe, 1929. Built as the German Pavilion for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona, it was disassembled afterwards, and Mies fled Germany to the US not long after that, on the way to becoming one of the 20th century's most influential architects. The Barcelona Pavilion lived on, in memories, drawings and photographs, becoming a powerful icon of Modernism and the International Style. In the 1980s the Barcelona City Council commissioned architects Ignasi de Solà-Morales, Cristian Cirici and Fernando Ramos to rebuild the pavilion. The new version was completed in 1986, an exact replica on the original site. 


Best Restoration of a Really Really Old Building

_DSF0145-euroawards_DSF0145-euroawards The Temple of Athena Nike, Acropolis, Athens. First built around 420BC, the temple has been dismantled or destroyed several times. In 2000AD the Acropolis Restoration Service commenced a project that involved completely dismantling and removing the building, then reassembling it with a new floor. The project was completed in 2010 - some of the more important frieze carvings are now in the new Acropolis Museum. 


Best Covered Flea Market


Mercat dels Encants, Glòries, Barcelona by b720, 2013.


Best Bridge


The Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam, by Ben van Berkel, 1996


Best Atrium


The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), by Richard Meier and Partners, 1995. I do like a good atrium. This one was a delight on a sunny summer's day. 


Best Heritage Interior

Barcelona2015-42-Edit-euroawardsBarcelona2015-42-Edit-euroawards Casa Batlló, by Antoni Gaudi, first constructed 1877, then refurbished to the current design in 1904. I had experienced this famous house in 2005, dodging all the other tourists touring the site at the same time. This time David Cardelus arranged for the two of us to get access at 7am, two hours before the doors opened to the public. Bliss.  (By the way, I reckon Gaudi is better at houses than he is at big churches.)


Best Really Big Building

Rotterdam15-240-euroawardsRotterdam15-240-euroawards De Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaus, 2013. Some say it is the largest building in the Netherlands. 3 large towers, 44 storeys each. 



(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Antoni Gaudi Barcelona Europe Pau Pavilion Richard Meier Rotterdam Rotterdam Central Station Rotterdam Market Hall Sant architecture awards de mies mies van de rohe Fri, 04 Sep 2015 05:31:36 GMT
Inside SAHMRI - some early glimpses  

SAHMRI Building, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, Woods Bagot, Hindmarsh, Aurecon

The spectacular new building made for the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) has gained a large amount of attention, but to date not many people have been inside and there are few images available of its interiors.  There are plenty of exterior views around, including one by me which seems to have taken on a life as the hero image of the building used in the many articles about it in the architecture media, for example ArchDaily in early December.

I was commissioned by the builder, Hindmarsh, to photograph their project team inside the building in late December, and to create some images to be used for a project completion gift to the team. Although the building had been 'opened' by the politicians, inside it was still very much a construction site, and many views were compromised by ongoing works. We did get these however, which provide a teaser about the spaces inside, some of which to me are breathtaking. This is the most beautiful and inspiring work place I think I have ever been in. 

Update: Following a commission by Aurecon, the engineers responsible for the facade and the structural components,  and for most of the building's services, I have many more photographs of SAHMRI -  there is a selection here.


SAHMRI Building, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, Woods Bagot, Hindmarsh, Aurecon SAHMRI building, East Atrium.East side view, showing how the facade meets the top level work areas and the roof.

SAHMRI, interior, west atriumThe West atrium from the top level. sahmri, internal, facade, east atriumEast atrium, showing the relationship between the facade and several levels of workspace.

SAHMRI, east atrium, showing the stair case, work levels and facade.SAHMRI, east atrium, showing the stair case, work levels and facade.

(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Aurecon Hindmarsh SAHMRI Woods Bagot architectural photography interior photography Sun, 02 Feb 2014 07:41:28 GMT
On the edge of the ocean at the end of the day One of my favourite places to be is on a west facing beach after the sun has gone down. As the clouds and the sky reflect the light of the sun we can no longer see, and the water and the wet sand reflect the light from the clouds and the sky, magic can happen.  Click on the photograph below to go  to a series of twilight photos made on the beaches of the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

sunset and twilight beach scene, waves, sand, waterPort Willunga, twilight, beach, sunset, waves

(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Fleurieu Peninsula beach ocean sunset twilight water Mon, 27 Jan 2014 09:50:17 GMT
Le Plateau, Montreal In August we travelled to Quebec, staying for a week in Montreal, in a flat in Le Plateau, a district just to the north of the Montreal CBD. It's simply a delightful place to be, especially in the middle of a Canadian summer. The area demonstrates that medium-density housing can be the basis of high quality urban living - the population density supports a wide range of services, with corner stores, restaurants, cafes and every other sort of retail goody just everywhere, a range of good public transport options and dedicated bicycle  lanes in every street.  

The housing is interesting - almost all of it is double storey buildings, each having multiple flats or apartments, but with no internal stairs. Each flat has only one level - if you live on the top floor you have external stairs straight down to the street.

_DSF7821-ScreenRes_DSF7821-ScreenRes _DSF7826-ScreenRes_DSF7826-ScreenRes _DSF7921-ScreenRes_DSF7921-ScreenRes























There is a lot of good street art, and, refreshingly, hardly any of it has been defaced by moronic  tagging. 

_DSF7787-ScreenRes_DSF7787-ScreenRes _DSF7888-ScreenRes_DSF7888-ScreenRes _DSF7863-ScreenRes_DSF7863-ScreenRes











There are always people on the street, in and out of the corner shops and cafes, so the area has a safe, friendly feel. When we were there there one of the main streets boasted an extensive outdoor exhibition of photographs by Montreal photographer Jean-Francois LeBlanc. 



(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Le Plateau Montreal Quebec architecture housing photographs. residential Wed, 20 Nov 2013 09:13:12 GMT
The RMIT Swanston Academic Building Over the past few years there has been a wave of bold, adventurous design applied to new university buildings in Australia. In South Australia the M2 Building at UniSA's Mawson Lakes Campus, and Adelaide University's Hub Central are two examples of high quality teaching and learning facilities combined with exciting design. In Melbourne, the RMIT University's recently completed Swanston Academic Building by Lyon Architects displays an almost lavish approach to the provision of space for students. I spend a Saturday afternoon there recently, armed with a camera, tripod and a couple of good lenses.

RMIT Swanston Academic Buildinguntitled-69-Edit-Blog


untitled-84-Blog untitled-93-Blog






A right angle triangle motif dictates the cladding of the building and both the exterior and interior detail, right down to the bike racks.





























The interiors are beautifully finished, with lots of timber
and some pressed metal sheeting.










untitled-1_Enf-Edit-Blog It is the mix of indoor and elevated outdoor informal spaces made from bold breaks in the facade  that make this building a treat for its users.  This space is behind the RMIT sign shown on the first photo, about half way up the building. The view is straight down the north end of Swanston Street, with the RMIT Design Centre down the road on the left, and the Melbourne City Baths on the right.

(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Lyons Architects RMIT Swanston Academic Building architectural photography interior photography Wed, 12 Jun 2013 13:15:00 GMT
Big buildings in the big city Photographing large buildings located in busy CBD areas can be a challenge.  I am reasonably happy with these images of 70 Franklin Street and the Quest Apartments designed by Cheesman Architects for Adelaide's Kyren Group

70 Franklin Street, Adelaide, South AustraliaKyren-130501-45-Edit-blog



Kyren-130501-103-ScreenRes 70 Franklin Street, Adelaide, South AustraliaKyren-130509-22-Edit-blog

(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) 70 Cheesman architects Franklin Street architectural photography tall building photography Tue, 30 Apr 2013 06:00:00 GMT
A Visit to Prison We came away with some interesting images from a visit to a large SA prison to photograph the interiors of a new building and a renovated kitchen for Grieve Gillett.  The talented Victoria Berekmeri was assisting me on the day and took the last two of the following photographs. (I'm responsible for the heavy handed editing.) A version of first photograph helped me win the Architecture Photographer of Year Award at the SA Professional Photography Awards in July.
































(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Grieve Gillett architectural photography interior photography Wed, 10 Apr 2013 06:30:00 GMT
Goolwa Beach House a delight to photograph The Goolwa House  by Grieve Gillett  is located up against the sandhill system that backs the magnificent Goolwa beach - and this provided some challenges and some opportunities in our efforts to not only show how well designed and crafted this building is, but also how beautifully it sits in its environment.  The photography was commissioned for a submission to the 2013 SA Architecture Awards.  The architects won the Sustainable Architecture Award and a Residential Architecture Commendation. 


Grieve Gillett Goolwa Beach HouseGG130220-47-Poster2-blog
















This photograph was used as the poster for the Awards presentation. 























A long lens used from the top of the adjacent sandhills allowed me to show the house's relationship with the nearby River Murray and Hindmarsh Island.


GG130220-65-blog GG130220DM-277-Edit-blog











The use of wood inside and outside this house is a stand-out feature.

Goolwa House Grieve GillettGG130220-116-Edit-blog






Steve Grieve, the architect who commissioned the photography, particularly liked this photograph. "A triumph" he called it.














And this is my favourite from the shoot, again with a long lens from a fair distance, which allowed description of the location of the house, but it is the play of light and dark tones I really like in this.

(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Goolwa Grieve Gillett architectural photography interior photography Thu, 28 Feb 2013 04:18:00 GMT
Adelaide architecture - 400 King William Street 400 King William Street is one of my favourite Adelaide buildings. Designed by South Australian architectural practice Cheesman Architects,  it is a great glass rectangular cube that changes dramatically as the sky changes, so it's always worth a look to see what is playing on the pure form of the building when you pass by. And it was a real pleasure to be commissioned late last year to photograph it inside and out.  The client was a German advertising agency working for the new owners, an investment fund management company.  

My contact at the agency told me that the photographs were for a brochure, and generously offered to send me a copy. It arrived yesterday -  206 bound A4 pages,  that's a book where I come from, I think something was lost in translation - and all but two of the photographs in it are mine. Now my German is far from flash, so please don't ask me what the book is about, but I do like the pictures!


Love a double page spread, especially when it's my photograph...


_MG_8809-EditC This was chosen as the hero shot of the building. I had taken it a couple of years ago for myself, and it won the job for me, popping up in the German agency's Google search on '400 King William Street'.


View from the top of 400 King William StreetPoint120723-37

This shot from the roof ended up on the front cover.  Good view of the Federal Court building from this angle and in this light. 



I was asked to photograph some beautifully designed interiors. 


400 King William Street Adelaide South AustraliaDachom121107-26-Edit

The brief I was given called for 'images showing reflections of clouds on the building'. Clouds are fairly difficult to wrangle, so it took a few visits to get them lined up in the right place at the right time.  The client liked this one. 


Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia_IGP2759-Edit My favourite photograph of Victoria Square is also in the book, taken in early 2010 when I had access to the top of ANZ House to photograph a water tank installation. 

(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Cheesman architects architectural photography interior photography Mon, 14 Jan 2013 11:54:00 GMT
Helsinki interiors - and Alvar's door handle This is part of a collection of black and white conversions of photographs I took in August while in Helsinki, Finland.  

Helsinki, architecture, National Library_MG_0797B&Wv2 The Rotunda wing of the Finnish National Library, built 1902-1906, designed by architect and professor Gustaf Nyström.


_MG_0729 The remarkable timber panelled lift lobby in the Porthania building, University of Helsinki, designed by Aarne Ervi, completed  in 1957 and recently restored by Finnish architects NRT.  The next two photographs are also from this beautiful example of Finnish modernism. 






Town planner, architect, furniture and homeware designer Alvar Aalto has perhaps done most to put Finnish design on the map.  The next three photos are from his famous Academic Bookshop (1962), right in the centre of Helsinki and still jam-packed with books and people buying them.  The first shows the sky lights, supposedly referencing the shape of open books, which allow natural light to flood the whole building.  

alvar aalto, helsinki, architecture, academic bookshop_IGP6621-2-Edit


Relaxing in the Alvar Aalto Cafe, Level 2, Academic Bookshop. Hopefully this gives a bit of an idea of how those skylights make this interior such a delightful place to be. 

alvar aalto,cafe, academic bookshop, helsinkiAlvar Aalto Cafe, Level 2, Academic Bookshop, Helsinki (Alvar Aalto, 1962)


Alvar Aalto, academic bookshop, helsinki, door handle_MG_0815 Beauty and function combine in these door handles at the entrance to the Academic Bookshop - architecture for the high and the low...


Alvar aalto, finland, helsinki, Finlandia Hall_MG_0834-Edit-Edit

Finally, the cafe at Finlandia Hall (Alvar Aalto, 1971).  I want those chairs!

(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Aarne Ervi aalto alvar and architecture black helsinki interior modernism photographs photography white Tue, 13 Nov 2012 23:25:42 GMT
Zaandam, Netherlands In August we visited Zaandam, a short train ride north of Amsterdam, mainly to check out a remarkable hotel set in a group of remarkable buildings.  Designed by WAM architecten, which is led by Dutch architect Wilfried van Windenthe building both amuses and amazes.  Described by the designer as 'fusion architecture' - a blend of old and new, of tradition and innovation, of high and low culture - it references the traditional forms and colours of wooden buildings still in use in the region.  The blue section at the top of the building is a nod to Claude Monet's painting 'Blue House in Zaandam'. 

Inntell Hotels Zaandam_MG_1287

Inntel Hotels Zaandam_MG_1438-Edit




The hotel is part of a major redevelopment of the area, not yet complete, with a number of other new buildings also echoing the design themes of traditional Zaandam in a light-hearted, modern way.  The master plan for the area is by Sjoerd Soeters of Soeters Van Eldonk architects, who also designed the buildings in these photographs - the railway station, the city hall and council chamber, and a bus station.

Zaandam railway station_MG_1293-Edit



Zaandam, Intell Hotels_MG_1304-Edit

The hotel's conference centre and a pedestrian walkway (on the other side) straddle a major road to link the railway and bus stations to the hotel and the retail district of Zaandam.


Some of the traditional wooden house facades found in the Zaandam area. 


_MG_1493 _MG_1497

_MG_1500-Edit _MG_1504 _MG_1426

(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Inntel Hotels Zaandam architectural photography fusion architecture Tue, 04 Sep 2012 03:31:51 GMT
Adelaide's Northern Wetlands I knew that some of the northern city councils of Adelaide had created wetlands to help collect and clean storm water - then pumping it into underground aquifers for storage.  They are storing huge amounts of water this way. I didn't know, until I was commissioned to photograph some of them in June,  that these wetlands are often beautifully designed places located right in the middle of residential areas, providing the lucky locals with great places to walk the dog and play with their kids.

Andrews Farm WetlandW&G120611-61-Edit

Andrews Farm wetland


Munno Para wetlandW&G120611-133 Munno Para wetland


Walking the dog at Unity Park, PoorakaW&G120627-B--103

Walking the dog, Unity Park, Pooraka


Munno Para wetland at nightW&G120611-156 Dry Creek, YatalaW&G120628-71
















Munno Para wetland                                                                                          Dry Creek behind Yatala Prison


(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Wetlands northern suburbs storm water collection Mon, 27 Aug 2012 11:24:38 GMT
Adelaide Bridges Anzac Highway/South Road Overpass/Underpass

Wallbridge & Gilbert engineers commissioned me to shoot this fairly major piece of infrastructure with the brief to "make it look like a bridge, not a tunnel".  Apparently all the images they could find emphasised the 'under' rather than the 'over'.  I was pleased with this result.


Bakewell Bridges

A bit more challenging was the requirement from Wallbridge & Gilbert to show that the Bakewell Bridge over Henley Beach Road was in fact two bridges, one for road and foot traffic and the other for trains.  I had to talk my way up to the top of the 4 storey tower on the heritage building nearby to get this shot.

 Bakewell Bridges Adelaideuntitled-101

(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) bridges engineering public infrastructure Mon, 07 May 2012 05:11:44 GMT
The Globe Apartments Synagogue Place, Adelaide CBD - photographed December '11 - February '12 

Built by Hindmarsh, designed by Grieve Gillett, this student apartment block successfully combines high density, low budget housing with a considerable amount of style.  










The apartments, all lit up, from the fire escape of the North Terrace Freemasons' Grand Lodge. 








Globe Apartments, Grieve Gillett_MG_0363_Enf







From the Freemasons' backyard  - showing off the colour of the balcony ceilings. 


















The foyer, lifts and office.









Globe Apartments, Grieve Gillett, HindmarshGG-Globe-120221-34







Another view of the foyer office.










Globe Apartments, Grieve Gillett, HindmarshGG_Hindmarsh_Globe-3





Part of the communal laundry








Globe Apartments, Grieve Gillett, HindmarshGG-Globe-120221-11_Enf







The wall on the northern boundary features a a trio of pixellated flying ducks by architect Michael Buchtmann, shown here from the 1st floor communal area. 







Globe Apartments, Grieve Gillett, HindmarshGG_Globe_16-9ratio-1





Each of the apartments has its own balcony. 












Globe Apartments, Grieve Gillett, HindmarshGG_Hindmarsh_Globe-7


The apartments are modest in size,
















well equipped with the basics,









Globe Apartments, Grieve Gillett, HindmarshGG_Hindmarsh_Globe-16





and feature superb views of the Adelaide CBD from the higher levels. 









(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Globe Apartments architectural photography interior photography student apartments Sun, 01 Apr 2012 11:04:08 GMT
New York Our first visit to New York, a couple of weeks in January, cold but with quite a few sunny days showing off beautiful afternoon light. Here are a few of the photographs I took.

21st Century Art Appreciation






The celebrity paintings in the Museum of Modern Art get a real workout. 






The Chrysler Building


It was a beautiful image of this extraordinary monument to art deco that first got me inspired about photographing buildings, so of course I had to try to make my own.  It took a while to find a good vantage point, but when I did I got reasonably lucky with the light.  Three handheld frames from a long lens, stitched together in Photoshop.  (I love my 80cm high print of this!)

Chrysler Building, New York, NY








This is detail from the lower section of the building.











The High Line

This was originally an elevated railway line built in the 1920s to ship goods in and out of New York's West Side warehouses without bothering the street traffic.  The trucking industry caused its decline, along with the rest of America's rail system, and in 1980, with a final delivery of 3 carloads of frozen turkeys, it was closed.   After years of agitation, litigation and attempts to demolish it by developers who had bought the cheap land underneath, the High Line is now a fabulous raised park, with some stunning design and great views into New York.  Photographer Joel Sternfeld's documentation of the disused line and its natural flora helped build public support for the project.

high line, new york

































A warmish Saturday evening - the High Line was very  busy.

























    The old and the new are on display from the High Line                                                                         Free sunset here tonight!


The Cast Iron Buildings of SoHo

These fascinating buildings are a feature of the SoHo district in southern Manhattan. Built in the late 1800s, pre-fabrication of cast iron elements that were bolted in place was the cheapest way at the time to build with decorative facades.  I don't know what it is about the windows that cause the intriguing distortions in the reflections. 


















Note the hexagonal slots for tightening the bolts (the other knobs are decoration).
I wonder if the panels came in a flat pack with a big Allen key?

















Meanwhile, back on the SoHo streets:


(Peter Barnes: architectural & industrial photographer, Adelaide, South Australia) Cast Iron Building Chrysler Building High Line Museum of Modern Art New York SoHo Fri, 30 Mar 2012 04:45:37 GMT